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TWiki's Erlang web http://schemewiki.org/view/Erlang The Erlang web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2015, Peter Thoeny and contributing authors. Peter Thoeny [Peter@Thoeny.com] Peter Thoeny [Peter@Thoeny.com] TWiki TWiki.Erlang TWiki.Erlang http://schemewiki.org/view/Erlang http://schemewiki.org/twiki/pub/TWiki/TWikiLogos/twikilogo88x31.gif WebStatistics http://schemewiki.org/view/Erlang/WebStatistics Statistics for Erlang Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploads: Mar 2015 79 0 0 35 ... 2015-03-01T09:00:00Z guest 1.143 updated major http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/WebStatistics http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/WebStatistics NumberComplexNums http://schemewiki.org/view/Erlang/NumberComplexNums STARTINCLUDE Using Complex Numbers Problem You wish to manipulate complex numbers (i.e., numbers with both a real and imaginary component.) This is commonly needed ... 2012-05-06T11:24:00Z AzatAbdulvaliev 1.2 updated major http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/NumberComplexNums http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/NumberComplexNums TimeToday http://schemewiki.org/view/Erlang/TimeToday STARTINCLUDE Finding Today's Date Problem You need to find the year, month, and day values for today's date. Solution Use erlang:now() , and now to datetime to get ... 2010-03-05T03:20:00Z JonWatte 1.2 updated major http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/TimeToday http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/TimeToday StringControlCase http://schemewiki.org/view/Erlang/StringControlCase STARTINCLUDE Controlling Case Problem You need to convert a string to all uppercase or all lowercase. Solution begin erlang 1 string:to upper("hello"). "HELLO" 2 ... 2008-11-25T21:41:00Z IamWilhelm 1.3 updated major http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/StringControlCase http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/StringControlCase StringBasics http://schemewiki.org/view/Erlang/StringBasics STARTINCLUDE String Basics Few would recommend Erlang as a high-performance string manipulating language. Strings in erlang are simply lists of characters, with a ... 2007-11-13T16:23:00Z LukiShei 1.7 updated major http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/StringBasics http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/StringBasics WebHome http://schemewiki.org/view/Erlang/WebHome Welcome to the Erlang Cookbook. The Erlang Cookbook is a collaborative effort to produce practical documentation for using the Erlang language, particularly in commercial ... 2007-07-17T16:58:00Z FrancescoC 1.8 updated major http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/WebHome http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/WebHome StringCSV http://schemewiki.org/view/Erlang/StringCSV STARTINCLUDE Processing Comma Separated Values Problem You want to work with comma separated value records, such as those exported from popular spreadsheet and database ... 2007-05-17T18:50:00Z JosephWecker 1.2 updated major http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/StringCSV http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/StringCSV FileIntroduction http://schemewiki.org/view/Erlang/FileIntroduction STARTINCLUDE Introduction This chapter deals with file access; that is, opening files, passing files as arguments to procedures that work with them, and so on. File ... 2007-01-07T15:49:00Z KlausMomberger 1.2 updated major http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/FileIntroduction http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/FileIntroduction FileReadingLines http://schemewiki.org/view/Erlang/FileReadingLines STARTINCLUDE Reading Lines from a Text File Erlang offers the get line function for reading lines of text from an IoDevice. The following are some useful procedures ... 2006-07-18T15:23:00Z MrsHarris 1.4 updated major http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/FileReadingLines http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/FileReadingLines ListTraversingMultiple http://schemewiki.org/view/Erlang/ListTraversingMultiple STARTINCLUDE Traversing Multiple Lists Problem You want to traverse multiple source lists in a nested fashion, but do not want to define nested functions. For example ... 2006-07-09T08:17:00Z PhilipRobinson 1.4 updated major http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/ListTraversingMultiple http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/ListTraversingMultiple StringNumber http://schemewiki.org/view/Erlang/StringNumber STARTINCLUDE Testing Whether a String Represents an Integer Problem You want to determine whether a string is an integer Solution The io lib:fread function is the ... 2006-06-15T15:02:00Z PhilipRobinson 1.4 updated major http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/StringNumber http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/StringNumber FileRead http://schemewiki.org/view/Erlang/FileRead STARTINCLUDE Reading An Entire Text File Problem You want to read the lines from a file and store them in a list. Solution begin erlang readlines(FileName) {ok, ... 2006-02-07T17:00:00Z MarkWutka 1.2 updated major http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/FileRead http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/FileRead StringRecipeLevenshtein http://schemewiki.org/view/Erlang/StringRecipeLevenshtein STARTINCLUDE Testing Similarity of Two Strings via Levenshtein Distance Problem You want to determine how "similar" two strings (or lists, or vectors) are, such as ... 2005-12-21T13:29:00Z AdamLindberg 1.2 updated major http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/StringRecipeLevenshtein http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/StringRecipeLevenshtein StringIntroduction http://schemewiki.org/view/Erlang/StringIntroduction Introduction In Erlang, a string is a list of characters. The designers of Erlang thoughtfully included a bit of syntactic sugar so that strings in source code could ... 2005-11-30T06:06:00Z AntonVanStraaten 1.3 updated major http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/StringIntroduction http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/StringIntroduction WebNotify http://schemewiki.org/view/Erlang/WebNotify This is a subscription service to be automatically notified by e-mail when topics change in this Erlang web. This is a convenient service, so you do not have to come ... 2004-09-04T07:25:00Z AntonVanStraaten 1.3 updated major http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/WebNotify http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/WebNotify FileDeletingAFile http://schemewiki.org/view/Erlang/FileDeletingAFile STARTINCLUDE Deleting a File Problem You want to delete a file. Solution Use Erlang's standard function file:delete . begin erlang 1 file:delete("/this/file/will ... 2004-09-03T07:20:00Z BrentAFulgham 1.1 updated major http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/FileDeletingAFile http://schemewiki.org/rdiff/Erlang/FileDeletingAFile

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