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Cookbook Topic Types

Each page in the Cookbook web is assigned a TopicType via its CookbookForm. This type determines which pages the topic will automatically be listed on. The TOC and chapter pages are automatically built from this information. See also RecipeIndex, SectionIndex, ParentTopics, and AllRecipes.

Name Type Tooltip message
  option A topic which needs to be classified
Recipe option Cookbook: A cookbook recipe
RecipeStub option Cookbook: A recipe which is not yet written or very incomplete
Section option Cookbook: A section, which may include text, other topics, and/or references to other topics
SectionStub option Cookbook: A section which is not yet written or very incomplete
Chapter option Cookbook: A chapter, which includes references to recipes and may include or reference sections
Library option Cookbook: A topic which describes a library of Scheme code
Glossary option Cookbook: A topic which defines a term
Reference option Cookbook: Contains a reference to an external source
Pearl option Cookbook: A particularly beautiful application of Scheme
Other option Cookbook: A topic which doesn't fit into any of the other categories
Comment option Comments and notes about cookbook content - not included in cookbook
Authoring option Relates to authoring of the cookbook (not part of cookbook)
Admin option Relates to Cookbook administration or site design (not part of cookbook)
Site option Topics which form part of the basic Cookbook site structure (not part of cookbook)
Orphan option Topics which either need to be integrated somewhere else, or deleted

-- BrentAFulgham - 18 Aug 2004

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