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WebStatistics 24 Feb 2015 - 21:01 - r1.317 Main.guest
  Statistics for Cookbook Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploads: Feb 2015 22091 0 ...
SudokuSolver 24 Aug 2010 - 16:09 - r1.2 BenKordesh
  STARTINCLUDE Sudoku Problem You want to know how to use the Dr Racket slideshow functions: table, rectangle, pict-width, pict-height, linewidth, cc-superimpose, lt ...
SchemeChapterComments 24 Aug 2010 - 15:13 - r1.5 AntonVanStraaten
  TMPL:P{"chaptercommenttip"} STARTINCLUDE Comments STOPINCLUDE Main.NoelWelsh 31 Aug 2004
WebHome 24 Aug 2010 - 03:39 - r1.42 AntonVanStraaten
  Welcome to the Schematics Scheme Cookbook. The Schematics Scheme Cookbook is a BecomingAnAuthor collaborative effort to produce documentation and recipes for using ...
IdiomOptionalArguments 01 Aug 2010 - 14:20 - r1.7 RudiBonfiglioli
  STARTINCLUDE Optional arguments Problem Some functions take arguments that only in exceptional cases are different from a default value. Optional arguments makes ...
SectionIndex 27 Jan 2010 - 07:32 - r1.10 JensAxelSoegaard
  This page is a prototype, under development. It is like the new auto-generated TOC, but with chapters having their own headings, rather than being bulleted items ...
PLTCustodianRegistration 07 Dec 2009 - 13:12 - r1.3 MrMathematica
  STARTINCLUDE Registering an object to a custodian Problem The foreign function interface allows us to register objects with a finalizer that calls when an object ...
ProcessCaptureOutput 23 Jul 2009 - 10:54 - r1.8 TroelsKnakNielsen
  STARTINCLUDE Capturing the Output of a Process Problem You want to run an external process and capture its output. Solution The function system/output below uses ...
FunctionalHeap 21 Jul 2009 - 20:12 - r1.6 JakeEakle
  Functional Heap Problem A heap is data structure that in its basic form supports the operations insert and delete-min . More advanced heaps also support merge . Solution ...
CoRoutines 22 Apr 2009 - 16:37 - r1.34 JosKoot
  STARTINCLUDE Coroutines Problem In some cases it is desirable to transform a procedure that returns a table (a list, vector or list of lists and so on) into a procedure ...
CreatingJpegWithMzScheme 07 Apr 2009 - 19:58 - r1.2 StephenDeGabrielle
  STARTINCLUDE Creating Jpeg from scratch using MzScheme Problem You are using PLT DrScheme and you want to draw graphs, generate graphics, or process images from scratch ...
WebFetchingHttpsUrl 17 Dec 2008 - 15:27 - r1.8 EricHanchrow
  STARTINCLUDE Fetching an HTTPS URL Problem PLT Scheme's url.ss library in the net collection does not directly support retrieval of URLs via HTTPS, i.e. using SSL ...
Parsing 16 Dec 2008 - 22:43 - r1.4 AaronHawley
  Parsing http://docs.plt-scheme.org/parser-tools/ The parser-tools collection http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~boucherd/Lalr/documentation/lalr.html Portable and efficient ...
WritingXML 11 Dec 2008 - 17:20 - NEW DannyYoo
  STARTINCLUDE Writing XML using the xml library Problem You have some s-expression that you'd like to write to XML. Solution Use the write-xml/content function in ...
PearlFunAndGames 26 Nov 2008 - 12:27 - r1.4 BenjaminLRussell
  Fun and Games These are a few little toy examples for modelling finite state machines in Scheme. There are better ways to do it. It's just really basic stuff for ...
ListRecipeTraversing 21 Nov 2008 - 11:07 - r1.4 MichaelBurschik
  STARTINCLUDE Traversing Lists Problem Solution The map procedure applies a procedure proc that takes n arguments and returns a single value, to n lists and returns ...
FileRead 04 Nov 2008 - 15:08 - r1.4 StephenDeGabrielle
  STARTINCLUDE Reading An Entire Text File Problem You want to read the lines from a file and store them in a list. Solution begin scheme (define (readlines filename ...
IdiomSharingState 01 Nov 2008 - 14:29 - r1.11 NunoYobidness
  Sharing state between two functions Problem Defining two functions sharing state without polluting the top level with unneccesary definitions. Solution There are ...
PltManuals 16 Sep 2008 - 18:46 - r1.4 MarekKubica
  PLT Manuals PltScheme PLT Scheme is well-documented, with a plethora of manuals in HTML format. Many of the most frequently asked questions about PLT Scheme can be ...
StringSplit 13 Sep 2008 - 16:17 - r1.9 MarekKubica
  STARTINCLUDE string-split: splitting a string into substrings Problem Split a string into words separated by whitespace or other delimiters. See the function split ...
HowToMakeASnip 04 Aug 2008 - 19:30 - NEW StephenDeGabrielle
  STARTINCLUDE How to make a snip see http://docs.plt-scheme.org/gui/snip .html Problem You want to make a new type of snip for use on an editor-canvas (PLT Scheme ...
GUIChapterComments 04 Aug 2008 - 18:21 - r1.5 StephenDeGabrielle
  TMPL:P{"chaptercommenttip"} STARTINCLUDE Comments See also Corey Sweeney's http://students.depaul.edu/~csweeney/Guibuilder.Tutorial.html GUI-builder Howto . Main ...
GUIHelloWorld 04 Aug 2008 - 14:23 - r1.4 StephenDeGabrielle
  STARTINCLUDE Creating a window containing text Problem You want to create a GUI window containing some text. Solution PltScheme provides a cross-platform GUI toolkit ...
GUIWidgetAggregation 17 Jul 2008 - 08:59 - r1.9 StephenDeGabrielle
  STARTINCLUDE Aggregating Widgets in a Single Widget Problem You would like to deal with many widgets as though they were a single widget. Solution begin scheme #lang ...
SaveBinaryDataInSQL 04 Jul 2008 - 04:38 - NEW HiSeeComments
  STARTINCLUDE Save Binary Data in SQL Problem Postgres has a binary datatype. However, if your using hans's sqlid database driver with postgres, and try to save a ...
DatabaseChapterComments 01 Jul 2008 - 05:36 - r1.3 AntonVanStraaten
  TMPL:P{"chaptercommenttip"} STARTINCLUDE Comments WriteSqlInSchemeLikeSyntax: belongs here, but I did something wrong Main.HiSeeComments Fixed the parent topic ...
WriteSqlInSchemeLikeSyntax 01 Jul 2008 - 05:32 - r1.2 AntonVanStraaten
  STARTINCLUDE Write SQL In Scheme Like Syntax Problem Writing SQL queries, by writing strings using "string-append" can be a pain. a sexp would make life easier. Solution ...
WebFileUpload 01 Jul 2008 - 04:26 - r1.3 HiSeeComments
  File Upload Problem You already know how to write complex, and useful CGIs in scheme, however you need to upload a file (any kind of file) from the user computer ...
LayoutMultiplePanelsInAFrame 17 Apr 2008 - 06:28 - r1.2 NoelWelsh
  STARTINCLUDE Laying out panels in a window Problem You want to make a specific layout of your panels Solution Laying out panels in DrScheme is simple, Inside your ...
IdiomObjectOrientedProgramming 02 Apr 2008 - 22:36 - r1.12 StephenDeGabrielle
  Object Oriented Programming http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~cs18/W2004/handouts/objects/objects.html Object Oriented Programming using (a modified) Swindle http://www ...
WebGettingStartedInstaweb 03 Mar 2008 - 11:30 - r1.4 NoelWelsh
  STARTINCLUDE Getting Started With Web Development and Instaweb Problem You don't know how to get started with web development using the PLT Web server. Solution The ...
ApplicableHashTables 05 Feb 2008 - 16:47 - NEW DanielSilva
  STARTINCLUDE Applicable Hash Tables Problem You want to apply hash-table objects directly to look up or associate keys with values. Solution You can rely on structures ...
IdiomStreams 04 Feb 2008 - 13:01 - r1.4 StephenDeGabrielle
  STARTINCLUDE Streams Problem You want to handle state in a functional manner. Solution The concept you're looking for is called a "Stream". Discussion The canonical ...
ImperativeQueues 09 Jan 2008 - 18:33 - r1.7 JosKoot
  STARTINCLUDE Imperative Queues Problem A queue is a first-in first-out memory. Objects can be stored one by one and can be extracted (or removed) one by one. Objects ...
WebPLTWebServer 05 Jan 2008 - 19:37 - r1.4 TroelsKnakNielsen
  STARTINCLUDE The PLT Web Server Starting the PLT Web Server Starting the web server on your computer is easy. Start a commmand prompt and execute the command: plt ...
HtmlPrag 03 Jan 2008 - 10:59 - NEW StephenDeGabrielle
  HtmlPrag provides permissive HTML parsing and emitting capability to Scheme programs. See: http://www.neilvandyke.org/htmlprag/ Main.StephenDeGabrielle 03 Jan 2008 ...
SXPath 03 Jan 2008 - 10:58 - NEW StephenDeGabrielle
  SXPath is a query language for SXML. It treats a location path as a composite query over an XPath tree or its branch. A single step is a combination of a projection ...
SimpleCanvasOperations 19 Dec 2007 - 12:14 - NEW StephenDeGabrielle
  STARTINCLUDE Simple Canvas operations Problem You want to operate on and interact with a drawing canvas. Solution See also ''PLT MrEd: Graphical Toolbox Manual Chapter ...
ThreadChapterComments 12 Dec 2007 - 16:47 - r1.2 StephenDeGabrielle
  TMPL:P{"chaptercommenttip"} STARTINCLUDE Comments A nice simple example of thread use is available at http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2004/3/17/93442/8657 It supplies ...
IntroductionToMzlibClasses 12 Dec 2007 - 16:32 - r1.7 StephenDeGabrielle
  STARTINCLUDE (lib "class.ss") Notes These are a set of notes I'm taking about learning the class system in mzlib, the standard library that comes with mzscheme. I ...
FileWrite 10 Dec 2007 - 10:43 - r1.4 NoelWelsh
  STARTINCLUDE Writing to a File Problem You want to write text or data to a file. Solution If you just have a string s to write to a file with name fname , this will ...
NetSendEmail 27 Nov 2007 - 15:45 - r1.4 StephenDeGabrielle
  STARTINCLUDE Sending Email Problem You want to send an email from a Scheme program Solution Use the smtp.ss or sendmail.ss modules, and the head.ss module, all in ...
TimeRFC822 15 Oct 2007 - 11:58 - r1.3 JeromeBaum
  STARTINCLUDE Writing and Parsing RFC 822 Dates and Times Problem You need to convert from struct:time to RFC 822 format Dates and Times. Solution mzlib provides one ...
XMLRecipeSimpleChanges 08 Oct 2007 - 23:14 - r1.7 EricHanchrow
  STARTINCLUDE Making Simple Changes to Elements or Text Problem You want to filter some XML. For example, you want to make substitutions in the body of a document ...
SyntaxLoc 24 Aug 2007 - 22:45 - NEW WillFarr
  STARTINCLUDE Using syntax/loc instead of syntax Problem You're tired of bad error messages and location information from your macros. Solution Use syntax/loc instead ...
NewSRFI42Generator 24 Aug 2007 - 22:23 - r1.2 JensAxelSoegaard
  STARTINCLUDE Creating a New SRFI-42 Generator Problem You have a new datatype, in this example a matrix , and you want users to be able to iterate over it using http ...
MacrosChapterRecipes 24 Aug 2007 - 17:53 - NEW WillFarr
  STARTINCLUDE Recipes TMPL:P{"recipequery"} STOPINCLUDE Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE Main.SchematicsEditorsGroup Main.WillFarr 24 Aug 2007
MacrosChapterComments 24 Aug 2007 - 17:50 - NEW WillFarr
  TMPL:P{"chaptercommenttip"} STARTINCLUDE Comments STOPINCLUDE Main.WillFarr 24 Aug 2007
MacrosIntroduction 24 Aug 2007 - 17:48 - NEW WillFarr
  STARTINCLUDE Introduction Scheme macros are transformations on the source of a scheme program which happen at "compile" time. They allow you to introduce New binding ...
MacrosChapter 24 Aug 2007 - 17:31 - NEW WillFarr
  STARTINCLUDE Macros TMPL:P{"chapterquery"} STOPINCLUDE TMPL:P{"chaptercommentlink"} INCLUDE{"MacrosChapterComments"} Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE Main.SchematicsEditorsGroup ...

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