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Interfacing with C libraries


We want to use C libraries from Scheme without writing C code ourselves.


We'll use PLT Scheme's foreign module to drive libffi. Note: the foreign module is currently only available for v299.

The foreign module is part of the MzScheme core library, so we'll require it with:

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We can load a C library with ffi-lib:

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The GLib library exports a function, g_print, that sends a formatted message to a print handler (usually a stdout printer).

Its signature is:

void g_print(const gchar* format, ...);

Let's ignore the varargs and treat the gchar* type as a constant C character string. The function type we care about is then:

g_print: string -> void

We can fetch it from the loaded library with get-ffi-obj:

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There are three arguments to get-ffi-obj: the name of the C object we're importing, the library object to load it from, and its ffi type.

The ffi type (_fun _string -> _void) is a function that consumes a string and has no return value. Note that ffi type names start with an underscore.

Now we can use g_print as if it were a Scheme function:

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We can also use Scheme functions as C callbacks. We'll make use of one right now to redirect the output from g_print. GLib allows us to install a print handler with g_set_print_handler:

GPrintFunc g_set_print_handler(GPrintFunc handler);

The GPrintFunc type is that of a function that only consumes a string. We'll define both GPrintFunc and g_set_print_handler in Scheme:

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Now let's install a print handler and test it:

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Should this be a category? I'd like to add other recipes related to the FFI library.


-- DanielSilva - 23 Sep 2004

Comments about this recipe

Yes, adding a new category "Foreign Librares - FFI" seems to be the proper thing to do.

-- JensAxelSoegaard - 24 Sep 2004

I've added ForeignInterfaceChapter and ForeignInterfaceBasics (a copy of this).

-- DanielSilva - 24 Sep 2004

I don't think it is a good idea to make copies. If someone decides to make changes, then they need to change two pages in stead of one. Or worse - they might even not know the other page exists.

-- JensAxelSoegaard - 26 Sep 2004

Oh, I was making sure first that the new page was alright. This one should be deleted now. How do I do that?

-- DanielSilva - 27 Sep 2004

That's a good question.

-- JensAxelSoegaard - 26 Sep 2004

To delete, click on the "More" tab at the top of the page and Move this page to the Trash web.

-- NoelWelsh - 28 Sep 2004

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